WildRose Outfitter and Guided Hunt Service


We offer complete Guide and Outfitter services for the finest in West Texas hunting for Wild Texas Bobwhite Quail, Ducks, Dove, Wild boar and more.  

Conditions in our part of Texas since November have been utterly Ideal.  As we headed into the spring/summer mating/hatching season conditions could not have been better, and remain better than I have seen since 1992.  Our bird numbers were back up last year and with the ideal conditions so far this year it looks like we will have a very good quail season for 2010/11.  That being the case I have decided to once again offer a very limited number of outstanding hunts for this fall/winter.

As usual our "regulars" will begin rebooking their dates the first of June.  By Mid July we'll have most of them taken care of and will then be ready to "fill in" where appropriate. 


WildRose German Shorthaired Pointers


For over thirty years WildRose Kennel has worked diligently  to produce fine hunting/family companion gundogs.  In the last fifteen years we have added the best and most versatile of Dixieland's Rusty, Big Oaks Snap E Tom, Dixieland's Luke, Koonas, Beir's Evolution and Rincon's Slick Willie lines to our old world foundations; like Greif, Ybold and Orson Von Pottsiepen.  

We blend these old and new world lines to produce  naturally talented, biddable and loveable companion gundogs as can be found.  I never hoped to be thought of as "a great dog trainer".  What I always hope to be known as, is a man who breeds dogs that don't need one!  Towards that goal we strive with every breeding.

While family gun dogs are and have been the foundation of WildRose since it's inception, our Successes in the AKC field trial world show that truly a WildRose GSP can take you where you want to be!

 Whether you wish to compete at the top of the field trial ranks, show rings, NAVHDA or NSTRA, or simply to have the perfect family companion hunting dog I'd be willing to bet we can find a WildRose GSP that fits you, and your family.




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